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Lucha Libre Wrestling

Posted on: February 1st, 2010 by Joe 1 Comment

If only the real world were like the pro-wrestling world: where divisions between good and evil are clean-cut and the good guys always win (the bad guys may appear to be winning for the majority of the match, but ultimately, good always perseveres in the end). Last night, the roughly 200 fans who showed up for Pro-Wrestling Revolution’s Lucha Libre fundraiser event for John O’Connell High School enjoyed three hours of brawling amongst the clear cut villains (which in last night’s case meant a very aggro trio of Border Patrol agents) and heroes (the mean, lean, well-preened Mexican fighting machines of Universidad de los Guapos) of the pro-wrestling world. Pro-Wrestling Revolution also held their very first women’s title event last night, which was taken by Mexico’s infamous Lady Apache after a gnarly chick fight with San Francisco’s own pro-wrestling champ, Alissa Flash (otherwise known as Cheerleader Melissa). Proceeds from the evening will help fund John O’Connell’s prom. Write up by Anna McCarthy

Day of the Dead-Mission District, San Francisco CA

Posted on: November 3rd, 2009 by Joe 4 Comments

The Annual Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration took place last night in San Francisco’s Mission District.  Starting at 7pm the procession wound around from 24th and Bryant to 25th up to Mission and back down 24th.
The annual event offers an opportunity for the diverse communities of SF to blend together in the sharing of this wonderfully rich tradition. Ending in Garfield amongst a variety of shrines, the festivities were a spectacular array of costumes, elaborate face paint and a celebration and remembrance of those who have passed.

Here are a couple photos