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America through the Eyes of the Rodeo

Posted on: August 19th, 2013 by Joe 1 Comment

I have always been drawn to cowboy culture and all of the gritty romanticism that comes with it. In researching rodeos to potentially photograph, I discovered a variety of themed rodeos that appeal to a diverse range of people. Which surprised me. I never knew how many types of rodeos are out there. In the past four years, I have attended a gay rodeo in the South Bay Area, an all black rodeo in Oakland, a Native American rodeo in Round Rock Arizona and several other rodeos in California, Oregon and Washington.

Through photographing these rodeos, I began to realize that rodeo culture in the US is much more diverse and farther reaching than I originally thought. It has been a real pleasure learning more about it. Here is a selection of photos from my ongoing rodeo project. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for taking a look.

EBX: A Bus Named Larry

Posted on: October 6th, 2010 by Joe No Comments

Larry Benson

Article by  Rachel Swan

John Benson is a congenital mensch. He turned his North Oakland house into a loosely structured co-op for seven people. He holds the deed to another house in Albion, Michigan, where friends go to do art projects and record noise albums. He has a day job fixing wheelchairs and driving disabled people home from medical appointments at Easy Does It Emergency Services. His mother used a wheelchair and he grew up helping her get around. Alms-giving is part of his natural constitution. Read more….

East Bay Express Shoot: Banks Tighten Loan Requirements

Posted on: August 24th, 2010 by Joe No Comments

Banks Tighten Loan Requirements

Local business and real estate investors, tangled in red tape, seek creative ways to get financing.

By Michele Ellson


East Bay Express: Don’t Hurt ‘Em, R.O.D

Posted on: August 17th, 2010 by Joe No Comments

Some recent work for the East Bay Express-

An Oakland R&B star turns mean-spirited lyrics into marketing genius.

By Rachel Swan


East Bay Express Story-Bands of Courage and Consequence

Posted on: January 28th, 2010 by Joe No Comments

Story by Rachel Swan
Indie rocker Conan Neutron has colorful ways of describing George W. Bush’s former Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove. He offered a few examples over beers at the Uptown Nightclub: “Master of lies and manipulation.” “A man with blood on his hands.” “Shameless tactician.” “Lying salesman.” “Gandalf behind the scenes.” “Unconscionable, soulless asshole.” That’s only the beginning. Neutron also faults Rove for “all these wars that we’re still embroiled in, our economy being screwed, and gay marriage being used as a wedge issue.” Then there’s that “porcine face,” which, according to Neutron, resists even the softest lighting or the finest airbrushing techniques….Read More

East Bay Express Feature Cover-12/16

Posted on: January 3rd, 2010 by Joe No Comments
East Bay Express Cover shot 12/16

East Bay Express Cover shot 12/16

Mid December i had the privilege of shooting the cover of the East Bay Express (along with several of the feature story photos) located in the Bay Area’s Oakland. The story compared and contrasted the waves of coffee movements since the 1950’s and spotlighted several East Bay coffee shops, Berkeley’s Local 123 and Oakland’s SubRosa.

Here’s the story on the East Bay Express site.

I’ve included the rest of the photos from the photo shoot below.