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Client: Off The Grid

Posted on: January 27th, 2013 by Joe No Comments

Project: Visual Marketing collateral

Process: Off the Grid is a company that provides areas around the Bay Area for food trucks to set up on a weekly calendar.  I created marketing material by documenting all of their markets in the bay area, all special events.

Result: Web and Print ready visual marketing and branding for a growing small business.

Client: Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates

Posted on: January 27th, 2013 by Joe No Comments

Project: Mayoral Campaign Reelection Art

Process: Tom Bates was up for his third election as the Mayor of Berkeley, CA, working with Tom and his staff I created the mayors reelection art for his 2012 campaign. To recreate a number of key elements of his campaign, we toured around Berkeley and captured photos of Tom interacting with the community, business owners, students and families.

Result: Web and print ready reelection campaign art and a successful reelection.

The Queen of Tupperware

Posted on: September 8th, 2011 by Joe No Comments

Helen Waite is both a queen of tupperware and a drag queen extraordinaire, and hosts regular tupperware parties in San Francisco on the weekends. On weekdays Helen goes back to being Chaz Kujak, a male manager at a biotech company. See the full story here.


Art Opening @ Nielsen Art Gallery

Posted on: November 15th, 2010 by Joe 1 Comment

Here are the framed and Matted photos that will be at the show

EBX: A Bus Named Larry

Posted on: October 6th, 2010 by Joe No Comments

Larry Benson

Article by  Rachel Swan

John Benson is a congenital mensch. He turned his North Oakland house into a loosely structured co-op for seven people. He holds the deed to another house in Albion, Michigan, where friends go to do art projects and record noise albums. He has a day job fixing wheelchairs and driving disabled people home from medical appointments at Easy Does It Emergency Services. His mother used a wheelchair and he grew up helping her get around. Alms-giving is part of his natural constitution. Read more….

EBX: The Don’ts just do it

Posted on: October 6th, 2010 by Joe No Comments

The Don'ts

Article by Rachel Swan

Collectively, The Don’ts are an odd bunch. Guitarist Joe Don’t is the skinny, self-effacing hipster who looks like he could have been a centerfold in Paste Magazine. (Needless to say, he hates hipsters — always a dead giveaway.) Bassist JJ Don’t is the failed standup comedian-turned-Internet tech guy. He grew up playing in school bands, and knows all the modal scales by heart. Singer Jonny Don’t is famous for horrendously strange lyrics — like a line he dreamed up during a recent jam session about how “everybody’s mom works at the airport.” Drummer Ken Don’t dyes his hair in bright primary colors, but says that swimming-pool green is his natural hue. According to Joey, he’s kind of a man-witch. Read More…..

East Bay Express Shoot: Banks Tighten Loan Requirements

Posted on: August 24th, 2010 by Joe No Comments

Banks Tighten Loan Requirements

Local business and real estate investors, tangled in red tape, seek creative ways to get financing.

By Michele Ellson


East Bay Express Cover: The Mighty Underdogs

Posted on: August 24th, 2010 by Joe No Comments

On a hot East Bay afternoon, several weeks ago I spent a bit of time photographing the super-trio, The Mighty Underdogs. Comprised of  the Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), Lateef the Truth Speaker (Latryx) and Headnotic of Crown City Rockers. Here’s the cover for the East Bay Express.

The Mighty Underdogs -EBX Cover

East Bay Express: Don’t Hurt ‘Em, R.O.D

Posted on: August 17th, 2010 by Joe No Comments

Some recent work for the East Bay Express-

An Oakland R&B star turns mean-spirited lyrics into marketing genius.

By Rachel Swan


East Bay Express: Laughs Come Cheap at the Layover

Posted on: August 17th, 2010 by Joe No Comments

A recent photo shoot done for the East Bay Express-

Tuesday night stand-up becomes part of a nascent comedy renaissance in Oakland.

Story By Rachel Swan