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Aug 19

America through the Eyes of the Rodeo

I have always been drawn to cowboy culture and all of the gritty romanticism that comes with it. In researching rodeos to potentially photograph, I discovered a variety of themed rodeos that appeal to a diverse range of people. Which surprised me. I never knew how many types of rodeos are out there. In the past four years, I have attended a gay rodeo in the South Bay Area, an all black rodeo in Oakland, a Native American rodeo in Round Rock Arizona and several other rodeos in California, Oregon and Washington.

Through photographing these rodeos, I began to realize that rodeo culture in the US is much more diverse and farther reaching than I originally thought. It has been a real pleasure learning more about it. Here is a selection of photos from my ongoing rodeo project. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for taking a look.

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  1. Meagan Spitler says:

    Awesome shots Joe! A special interest of mine as well. Consider looking at the Hawaiian rodeo culture too. The paniolos are some of the toughest cowboys I’ve ever been around. Would make for a fun shoot! Cheers.

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