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Oct 6

EBX: The Don’ts just do it

The Don'ts

Article by Rachel Swan

Collectively, The Don’ts are an odd bunch. Guitarist Joe Don’t is the skinny, self-effacing hipster who looks like he could have been a centerfold in Paste Magazine. (Needless to say, he hates hipsters — always a dead giveaway.) Bassist JJ Don’t is the failed standup comedian-turned-Internet tech guy. He grew up playing in school bands, and knows all the modal scales by heart. Singer Jonny Don’t is famous for horrendously strange lyrics — like a line he dreamed up during a recent jam session about how “everybody’s mom works at the airport.” Drummer Ken Don’t dyes his hair in bright primary colors, but says that swimming-pool green is his natural hue. According to Joey, he’s kind of a man-witch. Read More…..

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