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Jun 13

Kitchen Ink-San Francisco Chefs w/Ink

SF Weekly Kitchen Ink Cover

SF Weekly Kitchen Ink Cover

I spent a month photographing and researching San Francisco Chef’s w/ tattoos. The project had a variety of difficulties built into it but combating the different lighting scenarios in kitchens around town was most definitely the most difficult aspect of the project. Thanks to Anne, Patrick and Anna for extra help here and there. In the end it was published in a 4-page spread for SF Weekly, a very rare, feature print photo essay.


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  1. Dede says:

    Oh man you really know how to make a phpehgraootr’s heart ache for the old design days! I used to love seeing months of hard work all come together at the print house. I can’t imagine how satisfying it must be to see your images AND design coming through the press. Great stuff.The inspiration never ends when I hit your blog.

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