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Jun 7

The King of Busting Afterhours

Here’s an news feature I photographed for the San Francisco Weekly on several rouge police officers shutting down after-hours parties and illegally confiscating equipment.

New Feature Wednesday, Mar 17 2010

Turning the Tables

By Lois Beckett

It was a good party, Arash Ghanadan thought: the right girl-guy ratio, a DJ spinning house music, attractive people. He had arrived alone at the loft space on Folsom at about 2:30 one June morning after finishing up a party he had promoted at a SOMA nightclub. It had been a big night across the city, and his industry friends were upstairs, talking about how their events had gone and who had booked the best DJ. Ghanadan was ready to unwind. He was about to go looking for a vodka and cranberry when the music shut off. Read more.

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