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Jan 11

SF-No Pants Subway Ride


Transit riders of all sorts from around the world, including those on San Francisco’s BART and Muni, took part in a “no pants subway ride” Sunday. The event first began in New York in 2002 and has now spread to 44 transit systems in 16 countries. For Sunday afternoon entertainment i hustled around the Muni and BART taking pics of scantily clad urbanites. Check out the pics below

Shot for SF Weekly-Check out the Slideshow

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  1. :)Ibti says:

    Ha! Sorry I missed this! Not sure about pantsless *biking* but riding on the BART seems fairly innocuous so long as you don’t sit down.. Fun pics, though. 🙂 I’ll have to see if DC’s metro system has a similar event.

  2. Kris Aguero says:


    Great work!!! This looks like the Improv Everywhere skits.

    Great butts!

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