Joseph Schell Photography

Nov 22

Sf Bike Expo 2009

The annual SF Bike Expo took place this week at San Francisco’s Cow Palace. A day of cyclo-cross racing, mountain bike dirt jump competition, bike fashion show and many vendors selling their wares made for quite the cycling enthusiast event.

The cyclo-cross course wound around the massive Cow Palace property, up and down hills, through mazes or dirt and even through one of the buildings to give the riders the ultimate variety of terrains.  The mountain bike dirt jump competition, featuring a variety of pro’s, took off from the side of a good sized hill and continued through 3 massive jumps to provide an awesome aerial spectacle. Check out the pics below.

Shot for SF Weekly

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  1. Skip Patterson says:

    Nice job bro, looks like a sweet event!

  2. Austin Hill says:

    #13 is great with the shot of what lay ahead.

    nice work.

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