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Nov 16

Urban Exploration: SF Grain Silos

Just off of 3rd St. on the Southern San Francisco waterfront sits several grain towers aging in the forgiving Bay Area weather.  Surrounded by fences topped in ornate rolls of razor wire, the building is a landmark of the waterfront and a beacon to those seeking out sites for Urban Exploration.

After a bit of time figuring out where to best enter, we scaled the fence and got to the exploring. But not before I caught the inside of my leg on the razor wire and came down to the ground with a hole in my shorts and a good scratch. After a dead end attempt down a flooded safety tunnel below the silos, we found the carefully hidden entrance.  The pics below chronicle our adventure through the building as the afternoon turned and the sun set in the crisp November evening.

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  1. […] am not young enough, nor have the physical dexterity to climb over barbed wire fences, however, Joseph Schell does – check out his photographs of the interior of the grain silo […]

  2. Natasha says:

    Those are amazing images…. well done, and thanks for sharing!

  3. Sarah says:

    Did you feel like this places was haunted?

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