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Left Coast Travel

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Monterey Aquarium

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San Francisco’s new CityTarget and Metreon improvements

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San Francisco Occupy

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Just a drive into the Ocean

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By Dan McMenamin, of Bay City News

Officials aren’t quite sure how someone ended driving into the waters of Ocean Beach this morning — they just know that it happened.
Firefighters responded at 6:24 a.m. to a report of a vehicle in the water near the Beach Chalet restaurant at 1000 Great Highway, a fire dispatcher said.
According to ABC7, what followed was “a dramatic rescue” of the female driver of the car.
According to the Chron, the woman was sitting in the “partially submerged” car as rescuers arrived.
“Rescuers feared there might have been someone else in the car, but the driver was able to tell them that she was alone,” they report.
According to the fire dispatcher, the accident victim was taken to a hospital. She said she did not have more information about the victim or possible injuries.
The San Francisco Fire Department said it was treating the incident as a suicide attempt, CBS5 is reporting.
National Park Service spokesman George Durgerian said he could not provide additional information about the incident this morning because investigators were still trying to figure out how the car ended up in the water.
Park police are waiting until the tide goes down before trying to retrieve the vehicle from the water, the fire dispatcher said.
Sgt. Scott Huther of the U.S. Park Police told Ocean Beach Bulletin “he wasn’t sure how the car would be removed from the beach, or who would have to pay for it.”

St. Patty’s Day AT&T Park Soccer Double-Header

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Triple Kidney Swap-Shot for the SF Examiner

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TV on the Radio @ Oakland’s Fox Theatre

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See more pics here on the SF Weekly site-TV on the Radio @ SF Weekly

2 Mile Surf Shop-Photo Essay for The Bay Citizen

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Recent Urban Exploration

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